Automatic notification in case of faulty IDOC

EXPRIS IDOC Alerting Monitor

The EXPRIS IDOC Alerting Monitor automatically informs you about incorrect IDOCs in your SAP system

Why EXPRIS IDOC Alerting Monitor?

Without EXPRIS IDOC Alerting Monitor

  • Delays and interruptions to business processes
  • IDOC processing errors often remain undetected
  • Possible impairment of data quality due to lack of monitoring
  • Interval-based and manual checks are laborious, not timely and cost a lot of money

        with EXPRIS IDOC alerting monitor

        • Active and prompt information about incorrect IDOC
        • Quick notification via email, MS Teams or Atlassian Jira Task possible
        • Cost savings due to elimination of monitoring activities
        • Save time by simply correcting from the error message
        • Increasing customer satisfaction through more efficient processes 


        Most frequently asked questions

        You will be notified by e-mail as standard. Here you can implement your own e-mail layouts to suit your requirements. You also have the option of a JIRA connector (for Atlassian JIRA) and a Teams connector (for Microsoft Teams). We are also happy to implement additional notification channels on request

        We use an SAP standard BAdI and therefore our solution integrates via the SAP standard

        You can define this! We will be happy to help you

        Yes, in the notification you receive (adjustable) jumps to SAP GUI or URLs for WebGUI

        Your contact person

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